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TaxidermyWelcome to Harter’s taxidermy. My name is David, located in Alaska, and I’ve been a professional taxidermist since 1979. I graduated from what is currently known as Michael Buzza’s Academy of Taxidermy, located in Guildford, Western Australia. Michael is currently a Master Taxidermist with a wealth of experience many professionals would envy, and he’s taught me more than I ever could dream of.

I come from a family that has deeply grounded roots in the fishing, hunting, and general outdoors / survival world. Whether it’s using a great crossbow to harvest elk, or a compound bow for bow fishing and catching some Salmon, I’ve done it all (well, maybe not all – but definitely most of it).

Currently I run my small Taxidermy shop, where I also offer my services in bow and crossbow repair. And despite me being based in Alaska, I have lots of different clients not only from other States, but from other countries as well — clients send me their mounts via courier from all sorts of places.taxidermy 2

If you live in Fairbanks, North Pole, Fox, and other nearby areas, I’d be happy to pick up your trophy after prior coordination via e-mail and phone. Regardless of what it is you hunt or what hunting method you prefer, I have the skillset to provide you with excellent work. I do my best to stay on top of the latest developments in the field of taxidermy, both refining my technique and making use of the latest technology and tools in the industry.

Taxidermy 3I guarantee the use of nothing other than the best materials and preservatives – your trophies will last you a lifetime and come with my personal guarantee. You are also welcome to come visit my shop and take a look at some prior work that I’ve done before ordering, or I can send you a few pictures via e-mail if that is what you prefer.

Due to my particular fondness of archery, I offer a 10% discount to everyone who sends me a trophy that was harvested using any type of bow, and even a crossbow – as long as an arrow was used, the discount applies. If you served in the military and are currently a hunter, I can offer a discount as well. Just get in touch – your word is all I need, I won’t ask for any documents or proof.

Feel free to contact me whenever you want.

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